Bill Mack

Bill Mack enjoys one of the most successful and high profile careers in American contemporary art.  His is the world’s preeminent relief sculpture, and he is one of American’s most successful figurative artists. Relief sculpture is a sculpture that is not freestanding, but is mounted or displayed on a wall.  Relief is the third art form.

Bill Mack’s relief’s range in size and format from low, or bas relief’s, to larger, alto relief’s that combine relief with elements in the round. He is a master draftsman.  His sculptures derive from painstaking drawings and paintings of the figure-a-classic skill in art that is rare in today’s contemporary scene.

Bill Mack’s work is in the lines of Romantic Realism. Mack, however, updates his figures with a touch of signature athleticism, which differentiates them from the earlier works.  His figurative artworks are regarded as sophisticated representations of the modern female form by viewers, critics, and domestic and international clients, young and old, male and female, and from all socio-economic demographics.

Without a doubt, Bill Mack’s creations are strikingly unique in the world of art.  In or out of his studio, the mustachioed Mack, wearing his signature red rose is an unusual man and artist influencing today’s world of contemporary art.